Where can I send my ideas for future updates?




  • ZemyRemix

    Make a new sword or a new bow (only in the dungeon)

  • Bruno Linhares

    can you make the legendary excalibur (kings Arthur sword) as a lengendary wepon


  • ZemyRemix

    Make a Medieval Knight Armour.It suits with kings Arthur sword.

  • eMJayBeast

    Would be able to have more than one tanning rack. It sucks a bit that when you take down a wall or something you can't retrieve any of the resources.

  • eMJayBeast

    Couple other ideas me and my friend have talked about is there anyway we can have it so we can see what time of the day it is on the normal game screen or at least on the inventory screen. Another thing I dislike is how the sneaking works if you have and group of monsters there should be a way we can eliminate all of them without alerting the attention of all of them (if sneaking is done skillfully) also if we could pick up things while in sneak mode without instantly standing up. The smallest of all my ideas is having the other AI exiles also attacked by the monsters.

  • Frejia Gremory

    This is an amazing game but having the rarest item is too much rare it exceeds the expectation to get those like some part of the stable... And my very very veeery suggestion is when entering a place like forest etc. And the events please in the second time we enter the same place don't let the damned, skeletons or wolves attacks ups before we know it everytime I enter the same place I already died without fighting pls fix it make a rule that they won't attack or move until we completely enter that play :) that all more updates when it comes to animals

  • Strange tamer

    Can you make an anvil so we could have a chance to repair items like the grind stone. Also be able to make another wood working table for making planks.

  • Angelo Miccoli

    After several trips into the dungeon, you take a lot of rare items that you don't need anymore.. is that possible to add a sort of bazar, a place where people can excange items? I know that this will make the game as an mmorpg more than a simple rpg, but it will be really cool and useful for the exiles.

  • Kylgar

    Splitting items: should be able to select how large to make new stacks.
    It would be great to be able to name storage chests.


    Add a multiplayer like travel to the same location with a friend, or visit castles

  • Никита

    Добавьте редактор или просто удаление ненужных построек. 

  • Tri tran

    I have a suggestion to make the grindstone more useful, and more players will more likely to pay to use it. Currently using it is too risky, it is not easy to find a good durability weapon and it may break too.
    So 1st, i have played for many months and I have never seen a full durability claymore or at least 95%. So to solve it, there will be a tab to let same weapon merge to increase durability and solve the durability problem, eg. Lvl 0 claymore must be merge with lvl 0 claymore, and lvl 3 claymore must be merged with lvl 3 claymore.
    Secondly, we need a way to retrieve failed weapon, I suggest using soul shard (as it is useless after complete the altar, and it is a magical thing so it fits the story well too) to recover the shattered sword, depend on lvl will need more soul shards to recover, and when they run out of soul shards, they can buy it in store.
    Thirdly, using thalers will guarantee sharpen. Thalers don’t have much used yet (just like the grindstone lol) so by paying ~50-100 thalers, they will be able to finally get lvl 3-5 sharpened weapon. And I’m sure most people will be happy to pay to get it.
    Can you somehow do that? To help making the game more interesting.

  • vgprofessorOak

    There is a suggestion that you can add an account, now only Google can save the account can add Facebook or email and other account functions.

  • Alireza kazemi

    There is one thing i want and thats to repair our weapon it is so bad when your weapon suddenly break when you are in dungeon especially when you are thinking what to do and other exile comes and kill you.there is an icon hourglass when you read tips i dont know yet but i think thats an item to repair weapon.i truly hope to see it as soon as possible.

  • Mandee

    So i havent been playing long so here are a few things some might exist at another level that I haven't unlocked yet.

    Female Avatars? I don't know if this is just like something I missed but there seems to be no option. I don't want dresses or skirts or skimpy armor just pony tail and tits will be fine.

    Can we please change the death process so it does not send the avatar home after it dies unless it can be changed so I can return to the same instance ( sever?) To claim my body/items  if they aren't looted? Like just reload in the map screen with the option to refresh the area if I want to reenter but decide I don't want to try and recover my body?

    Can we have the option to move parts of our castle rather than have to destroy them and waste materials? Or atleast be able to scrap them for a return of some of the material?

    Can we have the option of a custom banner or flag?  Like unlock achievements or do certain events to gain colors and logos or something like that?

    Following that idea can we also have signs like to put up that other players can read.

    Can we have the ability to train wolves or have dogs added? 

    Can we make shovels useful ( so far they only seem to be a weapon ) and dig up random treasures in the world?

    That's all for now thank you.



  • Bryan segovia

    Es juego es bueno y entretenido. Se me ocurren muchas ideas para el juego. Y hay q quisas le de algo mas interesante a los gamer.
    Si el juego requiere internet para acceder al servidor para guardar nuestros datos y partida del juego, por que no poder agregar un modo multijugador y otro para hacer trueque con algún otro jugador. Eso seria bueno el poder intercambiar algunos objetos de mi inventario con algún otro objeto del inventario de otro jugador

  • Vinicios da Conceição Pereira

    Oi, minhas ideias são as seguintes: vocês criarem as 6 coisas a seguir- uma mesa para consertar equipamentos que teria seu projeto encontrado na masmorra do renegados, um arco e flecha único que aplica veneno no inimigo, uma balestra automática única com 2.0 de velocidade de ataque, um escudo único que reflete todo o dano recebido ao atacante (incluindo os efeitos do ataque), uma lança única que rouba vida (recuperando metade do dano causado como vida) 2.5 de raio de ataque e 50 a 70 de dano e criar a lendária excalibur que seria produzida com ouro alquímico, prancha de bétula, pedra da alma e o item único- a pedra da alma do Rei Arthur, o escolhido (que vocês criariam), essa espada precisaria de ter seu projeto encontrado na masmorra dos renegados e seria produzida na pedra do escolhido que seria feita usando de 50 -100 pedras e lá se produziria a espada onde também poderia guarda-la (onde somente o jogador que produziu pudesse retirar e usar) e ela teria 150-200 de ataque (vocês escolheriam o quanto) e o efeito dela seria de o portador receber apenas metade do dano que lhe fosse causado e refletir metade da metade desse dano. E seria legal vocês disponibilizarem a torre de vigia que desbloquearia uma região nevada (com outra torre mas indisponível ainda) que teria uma nova masmorra, casas, inimigos, recursos e áreas de farm que só poderia ser explorada com a a carroça (que vocês desponibilizariam). Obrigado espero que eu tenha ajudado e espero que isso seja implementado no jogo 😊.

  • Udhayakumar

    I have gone to 1,2,3 skull zones for get copper ore. But why did not you keep a tin ore in the 1,2,3 skull zones. Tin ore can only found in the chests. Please make the tin ore throughout forest which one can break by stonepick. Is this because? With the maze weapon I have to beat temlar desecreater about 15 times to kill him at the same time all food has eaten which are I have. Then without beat him I cannot open the chests in skull 3 zone to get tin ore, but with the fine knight sword I can kill him with nine attacks. When I am empty in hand(no tin ore in my stronghold) how can I defeat him?. Knight sword is need to kill desecretor. So please make the tin ore through the 1,2,3 skull zones which one is get by pickstone. Then remove the possibilities in this game, for example night cache doesn't farm at all time in night. Now I tammed the horse, but it is very difficult to get horse oats. Only 2 oat seeds can found in the night caches, or in dungeon second level only 5-6 oats sacks were found. Hardness of this game makes it really interesting. I love the dungeon second level hardness, but increase the profit at the end of the trip. Place at least 20 sacks of horse oats at the end of dungeon. Is this because I have to clear 1st level of dungeon to enter second level. You know how many armors, weapons and food needs to clear that 1 and 2nd levels. I ask only for horse oats because in current update horse is the important one to go northern lands. In you tube some players buy the oats for real money, but I am poor how can I buy it, This game makes me really enjoyable, because grimsoul is the best android game I have ever played. But you make the game for spent money at sometimes, for example some important events have shown only when I am low in energy, then I have see only 2 ads and get 20 energy at my place. Please fix this in future updates.

  • Yandani Mbanjwa

    Please please decrease the spawning chances of AI players. It's annoying , because in LDOE . I find some of them dead .. probably killed by the zombies. But on Grim Soul I've never seen that. The game favours the AI players who have no almost broken armor and weapons


    You must add the pitchfork to the designs.

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