Where can I send my ideas for future updates?




  • Alexadjohnson

    Gostaria de Sabe como faço para vincular a minha conta do jogo que é Google com esse acesso meu aqui. Utilizo o mesmo  e-mail.


    Tem uma quebra de lógica no jogo:

    Podemos Correr de Inimigos de armaduras PESADAS. Porem, as NOSSAS ARMADURAS PESADAS Nos dá mais Mobilidade (BOTA maior de Velocidade).




  • Alexadjohnson

    Não sei Realmente o Motivo que os Período do dia do tempo ser 12 minutos , foi para encaixa em 60 minutos de jogo ?

    Minha Sugestão que passe para 30 minutos ou 60 minutos o Período.

    MOTIVO. Se eu entra no jogo durante 5 dias no mesmo horário por motivos de Trabalho e Ocupação poderia aproveita todo os Períodos do Dia.

    No Atual modelo tenho que marca no relógio entra sempre no inicio dos 12minutos  das horas de brasilia  UTC -3.  E se tenho apenas 1 hora para Jogar !! se "atrasando " perderia a noite sempre.

  • Omid

    The time for travel to another place is very tired and long

  • Joël Schöni

    Hey guys please don't post multiple ideas in one comment so we can upvote single ideas thanks

  • Joël Schöni

    The jump in damage from the falchion to the bastard sword is too big in my opinion. Did You forget to put in another sword or weapon plan? or is the damage wrong of the falchion?

  • Joël Schöni

    There's one annoying thing: If I get a phone call the game does not put me out of the map, but instead kinda pauses in a way, when I get back to the game the enemies can kill me especially if there are two phone calls shortly after each other. Can you change that it drops me out of the map? Sometimes it kicks me offf the ma, but only after a long phone call.

  • Asta

    please make a table that can increase the durability of clothing and there can be additional accessories that are upgraded. and also war clothing in various parts of the world.

  • Joël Schöni

    How about a reset button? You could make it in a way, if one presses the reset button it lists all your accounts and then you chose one and reset it. Same with account switching. Or let the player chose on the start up screen with which account he would like to play

  • Domonkos Árok

    Hi! My suggestion is that you guys should add some new craftable cosmetic items, and some new craftable weapons like a spear or battle axe. It's actually sounds like im against of microtransactions but im not. I acactual bought a lot of things,  including all the cosmetic items. 

  • Joël Schöni

    Traps: How about a skill, that could make you disarm traps and then either loot them whole or parts of it?

  • Joël Schöni

    Traps 2: how about make them able not only to catch AI NPC "players" but also damned knights and templars?

  • Kim Ward

    It would be amazing to buy from other players, or buy stable items in a pack or individual. Also if, while at your stronghold, a notification on any events going on pop up. Im having trouble with only 2 items on the stable....

  • Amy Delaney

    I literally just started this game today so maybe I'm just being extra noobie, but can you please make it so that chests/walls are movable after setting them down? Got killed by Night Guest, sent back to hut, obviously had lost all my loot (had filled my storage with wood etc, was on way back when Stupid Spirit got me and I didn't have time to get one of my TWO TORCHES out my inventory... I'm feeling bitter...) So I get back, use my stored wood from a chest to build 5 chests (raven task) only I set one of them in front of the door, thinking it was a window (they both look too similar in build mode). So, in order to get out I had to delete a wall, then THE STUPID SPIRIT CAME AND KILLED ME AGAIN. So I'm rather annoyed. Please make chests moveable -_-'

  • Joël Schöni

    They are moveable. Just go into build mode and click on devices. Now all devices light up and you can click on them and have the option to move them (icon like a cross consisting of 4 arrows)

  • Amy Delaney

    EDIT: I'M AN IDIOT lol 

    Thankyou for helping ^-^

  • Joël Schöni

    Iwas talking about the chests ;) Walls ain't moveable, but then again could You move walls in real live? ;) Ok there are also no demons and zombies in the real world, but get the gist?

  • Денис

    Добрый день! Уважаемые разработчики, сбалансируйте прочность оружия и брони, такое впечетление что они расчитаны на количество ударов, хоть рубаха тряпичная хоть кольчуга одинаково, одноручного меча хватает на две локации с одним черепом так же как и деревянной дубины, не логично это. И добавьте локацию для охоты, кожи жуть как не хватает.

  • Joël Schöni

    Hmmm... I just misclicked and now I'm walking to a destinatiln I didn't want to. So how about You can vlick on the icon of the moving character on the way and click "return to starting point" or something like that? The speed would be the same as when You left for example

  • Денис

    Good day! Dear developers, balance the strength of weapons and armor, it’s such an impression that they are designed for the number of blows, even though the shirt is rag mail though the same, one-handed sword is enough for two locations with one skull as well as a wooden club, it’s not logical. And add a location for hunting, skin horror is not enough.

  • puttison

    change season also

  • Amy Delaney

    I've got another suggestion ^-^' Could you change the travel system so that we can change our course after setting off please? I've accidentally clicked places 20 minutes away before, when I'd just been scrolling around the map. Being able to return to a zone or switch destination to another zone would be really helpful.

  • Xanth

    I would like to level up my character stats, like hit points, food and water reserves, attack and defense. I'm level 15 and it still takes the same number of hits to kill a normal monster as it did when I was level 1.

  • Mishoku

    I had an idea about torturer's dungeon... No boss, no entry... (a new update probably...) And i thinked, why is there no new enemy, that could stop exiles from looting/wandering around there... 
    My idea is; Tortured Exile. A big 2,5-3m big enemy suffering at the plague. A knight that found the place but wasn't ready for this big responsibility. Attacked by Lepers, scarred by Forsaken's he gave a last scream before the death came for him. Swinging his long halberd he runs against exiles, tackling them aside, stitching the end of his mighty weapon in the side of the unfortunate exile, giving him bad feelings, bleeding and slows him down also... His attack makes 25-35 dmg /no armor. Tackle makes 45-55 /no armor (tackle has long cooldown) Stitches 5-10 (no armor) Bleeding, Bad feelings: 2-/sec (Armor, Food doesn't help stops after 10 sec) His screams can be still heard in nearby woods (calls sometimes other lepers,wolves,forsakens)

  • Joël Schöni

    Reaching the third level of the dungeon: Why are You making it easy all of a sudden? How about You create a forsaken hermit in one of the regions one can only reach by horse and then one has to torture this guy first?

  • Dierniti Storki

    Apenas, ter as IA Exilados sendo atacados por monstros, um relógio ou algo que mostre o ciclo do mapa sem a necessidade de sair para fora de uma região, e poder recuperar uma parte dos recursos gastos ao quebrar uma parede do castelo.

  • Casman

    Put a confirmation buton when spending thalers

  • Asta

    make other people become slaves by defeating neighbors at home, but making obstacles is also a challenge like in the basement. it will feel like in the past.

  • Amy Delaney

    Please fix the issue where enemies don't have to be close to attack - my character has been hit a few times when enemies have been attacking from about a quarter of a map away -_-'

  • William Taylor

    Ok Upgrade Ideas
    1 - there should be a defence level and gaming level. Once killed you have nothing on you. Therefore if you have no spear clothes your defence level should drop to zero, in this case you can only fight things at level zero or one, up until you find new cloths or the resources to make them. Better clothing higher the defence level, harder the fight.
    2 - resources in chests found and areas after a day should be replenished. Allowing you to return and collect more.

    Opinions please.

  • J Lenzo

    The ability to keep castle items, including walls/floors, stored in the devices inventory as to not take up bag space.

    A reward for clearing a zone of all enemies, to encourage more combat.

    A way to restore weapon/armor durability.

    The ability to change color of chests so that you know what’s in each by their color.

    Maybe a new zone like a swamp that has more flax, possibly more food resources like berries/wolves/deer. 

    World chat, it would be nice to chat with other people playing the game, and for new players who aren't sure what they should be doing, or how to find certain things this would be invaluable.

    For things like oats/leeks a chance that farming will also return seeds.

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