Where can I send my ideas for future updates?




  • Alton Wizard9er

    a way to break items apart and reclaim a small amount of resources even if it has a chance to fail and ruin it all

  • Alton Wizard9er

    achievement awards or daily quests like: kill 'X' amount of such and such to gain something something. I know the raven cages help the overall story line, but it would be nice to have more quest options too

  • Максим

    Добавьте Внутриигровой чат для общения,  люди смогут делится своими достижениями и общятся,, внимание к игре вырастет. Даже если кончились энергия, и нужно ждать, человек забьёт время в чате.


  • Максим

    Добавьте возможность ремонта снаряжения,, так как слишком быстро ломается,, а все время крафтить новое не удобно. 

  • Максим

    Почему бы не сделать несколько этажей для замка и подземелье??!  И Рейды!  Рейды нужны. Хотя-бы чтоб игроки не расслаблялись,, и понимали зачем нужно строить стены. Доп квестов многим не хватает,, давно не появляются новые приметы интерьера в игро магазине,, добавьте мебель и разные новые приметы для замка. 

  • Максим

    Вы ввели стойку для оружия, но где для брони и щитов?? 

  • Aleksei

    I'm really want to move «Rupert's basket» (not remove, just move). She is very unique, but I cant building. Thanks!

  • Daniel Alkema

    Suggestion... The ability to craft treats for pets stanima

  • Kim Ryeo Mi

    I have a suggestion and a complaint!

    First, my character has just died 2 times in a row for another player who was just 7 levels above me! I find it an injustice! So, my suggestion is to not let an player in a major level in the same platform of an player in a minor level. That player who killed my character has a sword, weapons and lot of things, while I just had an piece of wood! Thats an injustice and I hope you guys fixes it!

    Thank you, I loved the game!...

  • John O'Hagan

    What if, it would be possible to make back stories for our new characters, h however make it random very random so in fact that it makes it damn near impossible to be replicated and put it at two maybe the roll of the dice when someone first starts the game so they have a direct link with their character instead of just thinking it's just some stupid game. the back stories to your character be intricate were they married they have kids what was their job hobbies abilitiesthe bac I don't know I'm still pretty new at this game but that's just my two cents I think would be pretty cool

  • Ardacan Kara

    I just wanted to say, everything attacks you I get it but, don't you think other enemy players are friends with lepers and damned knights is a bit ridiculous? You guys have to make them enemies and fight each other so we can watch and loot weakened enemies :D

  • drcn352

    Tengo varias sugerencias...
    1. El multijugador.
    Que dos o mas personas puedan jugar en el mismo sevidor y puedan apoyarse, tambien tener como un sistema para agregar otros jugadores como amigos, puedas ver su "perfil o estadisticas" (y si es posible que te den un poco mas de experiencia cuando estas con otro jugador)
    2. Más mascotas en el juego.
    Me gusto la propuesta que pusieron del dragon, pero seria interesante que pusieran mas animales que los jugadores puedan domesticar, asta ahora en el juego no existen animales felinos, seria original qie pusieran animales como un tigre o un lince, ya qie todos los juegos de este tipo solo tienen animales caninos como domesticables.
    3. Un "yunque"
    No necesariamente seria este objeto, me refiero a un mueble en el que el jugador pueda recuperar la duravilidad de sus armas y tambien seria interesa te poder mejorarlas a una mas poderosa pero del mismo tipo de uso (un cuchillo=una espada, un arco= una ballesta, etc.)
    4. Un bazar o mercado para comerciar con otros jugadores.
    Un lugar que sea fijo, no como un evento si no como otra ubicacion donde puedas estar con otros jugadores y puedas itercambiar cosas (para esto tendriamos qie tomar en cuenta que en ese lugar no habria enemigos y tambien tendria que exostir como un "estado de inmunidad" para todos los jugadores para que asi los jugadores de niveles altos no sequeen a los de niveles bajos)
    5. Creacion mas extensa.
    Existen articulos que es un tanto ilogico que solo se puedan encontrar en eventos y/o cofres: el estaño se podria encontrar en las ubicaciones de piedra con dificultad 2 y 3 calaveras, los cinturonesse podrian hacer con cuero y la cuerda de arco se podria hacer con cinturones en la mesa de coser, la silla de montar se podria desbloquear para hacer como la espada o el altar etc.
    Seria bueno que estos objetos los tambien para que tambie se puedan crear.
    6. Mas variedad de armas.
    Seria bueno que existieran mas armas como por ejemplo una pistolas antigua, que para crearlas necesite polvora, tambien una oz o que puedan envenenar las flechas de los arcos.
    Estos son algunos puntos que me gustaria que cmabiaran, espero que los consideren y gracias por leer

  • Puttipong Prasertsang

    Make a new paladin armor set or skin. Add a new sword: saber. And I recommend a new potion or scroll: potion of light or scroll of light that can be use to scare the night guest during rain and give us light in some dark maps like abandon crypt or maybe the silver mine in the future. Hahaha

  • Joël Schöni

    It would be nice to have the possibility to send the pet home. If it can switch with another wolf it can as well go home, not?

  • Edevaldo Vasconcelos Junior

    Gaining experience after reaching level 99 is useless, before that, is half useless when you already learned all possible recipes, and before that, is a quarter useless when you already learned all userfull recipes, the only good thing is timing the level up moment so you can be benefited from the healing when you get a new level. My suggestion is: lower the max level (or dont) to the real ammount of recipes you can learn (including the extra points from missions) every time you get a new recipe, you will need to get a new level to learn it. But even with the today max level, you still can get experience, and still get healing the
    "gaining" a new level (you keep the today level, the experience bar just reset to zero) and instead of getting a recipe point, you get a free loot box, just like that 12 hour free loot box after whatching a advertising.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    We need new Location: Marketplace

    I saw that many players complain about missing bridle or something else, I have 6 or 7 bridle what I could sell to players who need them.

    The items could be exchangeable. I don`t like to cut pine tree or mine copper ore, so I could exchange to items I don`t need to items I don`t like to collect :). It will make more appealing game to players. 

    Of course you can limit the amount of possible exchanges or needs to pay money to increase the possible slots for exchange table, in this way you will still get money from players who is willing to pay for game and make more attractable to players who don`t pay money to play.

    Every game needs a players who pays and who don`t pay so please think about both types of communities. 

  • Joël Schöni

    Maybe this is going too far, but I was thinking, that the maximum of three "herbalist's table" makes no sense, because flasks aren't an abundance... How about You add a recipe to the workbench to make sand out of stones? The sand could either be used in the forge to make glass or You add a glass melter. Then the melted glass goes maybe back to the workbench to create flaks out of it?

  • James Carrington

    Tin veins please! Great game!

  • Puttipong Prasertsang

    Add a rapier, a single handed pitching weapon.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    Please fix the weapon recovery delay. Before 1.9.3. Update it took some skill to kill different monsters with Cart Trill. Now with delay it's not possible. And game become only based on brutal force no tactics anymore. It's a shame....
    Also Night guest stacle now Legendary weapon what means it will be more reare than now? :(

  • Nisheeth Brahm Chandel

    Suggested new friends/foes
    1. Direbats nest/dwelling should be introduced with option to summon dire bats wherever player is fighting enemies to attack enemies.
    2. A new enemy - demon pulling a huge chest tied to it with chains, entering map on one side and leaving on another with high hp. It cannot attack player and player has to kill it before it exists map, player can't open chest while it's being dragged. Player has to kill enemies on the path taken by demon.

    A huge prehistoric bird can be introduced which can swoop down and take away enemy or player from map. Player after being taken away ends up in stronghold. Not dying.

  • Nisheeth Brahm Chandel

    In all honesty I believe players should choose the time of day when they enter a zone or event, daytime loot can be normal, night time loot has to be 'special' with night caches loot being 'xtra special' or very good with several weapons and skill books and rare items, also players should be able to control rain - time and duration. Rain gives benefits but can be deadly. A new skill can be added which when used increases damage substantially by all equipped weapons. New enemies should be introduced in 2💀, 3💀 zones. Killing them should give rare loot. Better loot chests should be introduced in lower skull areas.

  • Nisheeth Brahm Chandel

    Some more suggestions
    1. Raven Cage should have upgradation option.
    2. Spawned events should be according to Raven Cage lvl, higher level Raven Cage more events spawn.
    3. The skill 'Eye of the Raven' should be usable even in dungeons.
    4. 'Eye of the Raven' skill at high lvl should show enemies, no of loot chests and probable loot items in chests in targeted zone/event even without entering zone/event so players decide where they want to go.
    5. Raven icon should be shown permanently on world map, tapping it should show options available for travel, higher lvl Raven Cage(Raven)can show details about location - enemies, chests, probable loot.

  • Nisheeth Brahm Chandel

    A rope around char denoting bag, should change with each lvl bag, even chains.

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