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Where can I send my ideas for future updates?



  • Godwill Dovan

    Hi grim souls i feel like a burning effect should be added to flame weapons
    It deals fire burning damage that sends enemies scrambling or reduces their health gradually
    Flame weapons should be able to burn enemies not just chase night guest away
    Flame weapons feels like a normal weapon without this effects

  • Mika Bradburn

    Fantastic game. Few suggestions, some noted already above:

    - Ability to switch between torch and weapon? I never bother with torches, it's much easier to simply run away from the night guest :-)

    - You should be able to mine tin, it makes no sense not to be able to. Make it in two skull areas only, OK, but make it happen

    - You should be able to repair weapons. Having to grind to make swords is a pain. Not so much now in the early game but will be later on.

    - Two tanning racks. Come on guys, it's a real pain having 1 only.


    Spasibo bolshoi, haroshiya igra :-)

  • Coral Deaton

    I would like to suggest that you are able to keep things youve purchased if you get killed. Its especially frustrating when you die 2 seconds after you buy something. It's a racket and I'd like to see something fixed about this.

  • Lolgic

    Hello, it would be nice if you added a dungeon in which you could fight with your clan, get things there, possibly rare ones. Well, so that there is balance, you can make it so that the player can put on his armor, weapons, but only what he did himself.

  • Larissa López Luna

    Hi, I was playing and I came up with an idea for an update, I don't know if they have it planned or not, in case it wouldn't be great if they included it. My idea is that you may be able to exchange resources with your order members. As if I were a merchant but with your colleagues, and in the chat you can ask for something you need to set the price and all that. Of course it would be after having a level in the sanctuary or adding a trading table to something similar. Another idea is that you can ask in the chat of the order to donate energy. They are just suggestions but they seemed like very good ideas. I just ask that you consider them, thanks for your attention🙂

  • blueafmonkey


    I think a good feature to add is mastering crafting. Perhaps after making so many decrease required resources or increasing weapon durability. Or adding it as a special under skills that can be obtained.

  • Därk Shädöw

    Hello, It would be nice, if you can add war horse level soon.

    Thank You !

  • Andre haek

    هل يمكن إضافة الغة العربية

  • Karlos barbudo

    Es buena idea implementar una colmena de abejas o algo para recargar los barriles de miel vacíos así como se hace actualmente con el pozo de agua

  • Karlos barbudo

    Una buena idea es crear un silbato para lobos con los que uno pueda llamar al lobo a la ubicasion en la que se encuetre

  • Christopher

    Ciao, volevo dirvi di aggiungere il modo di creare la corda d’arco in qualche modo perché già il gioco è difficile già come è , e riuscire a trovare quel’ oggetto per un esiliato di livello basso è praticamente impossibile, soprattutto se deve andare in una zona di lv3 , se non ritenete possibile farla creare allora riducete il lv dove può essere recuperata ( lv2/lv1) per renderla possibile a quei poveri disgraziati , grazie della possibilità di ascolto e buona giornata

  • Caleb Nyirenda

    First and for most this is an awesome game and I've been playing it for quite some time now.

    I would like add a suggestion on the farming process for collecting necessities like logs, copper and stone .

    Why not add some AI's that do the work for you. The AI's can only come to help once you've built the sanctuary, maybe depending on the level of the sanctuary will dictate what the AI can carry and the quantity. I mean... We meet a lot of exiles when we go out to farm but why not let those exiles become the ones who farm for us... Of course this all depends on level you're at.

    Also on the energy part. Why can't the energy increase with the level of your character... The higher the level you've attained means your character has grown stronger which will also improve his energy and allow him to move more than he was.

    That's all I had. Thanks for the wonderful game 😁

  • Caleb Nyirenda

    Do I always have to kill the gate keeper to get the key to the forsaken dungeon? Cause if that's the case then that this is totally messed up. I've killed the gate keeper three times now, is it an error in the system or is it part of the game

  • Amanda Gibbs

    So I was really excited to play, in the play store it said that this game was compatible with my chromebook. It is unplayable on a laptop with no keyboard support... Can we PLEASE get keyboard support!?

  • Chachi Pagliacci

    There should be a permanent marketplace where Exiles can sell or trade items. It could be to other players, or for a set amount of Thalers. I especially think there should be a place where one could sell excess Legendary and Rare items, like Altar Pieces, Wagon Wheels, Gears, etc. If you will add a feature like that, I would spend 5 times as much money on this game! MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPTAIN!!

  • Clayton Davi

    Olá Kefir, eu me juntei recentemente em uma Ordem. E pensei que seria legal se desse pra ir no castelo dos aliados, se juntar pra explorar masmorra e essas coisas,mas infelizmente não é possível e essa é minha ideia. De alguma forma possibilitar o encontro dos aliados durante o jogo não apenas na área da ordem, isso deixaria o jogo muito mais legal e divertido, poder se juntar pra coletar itens, ir nas masmorras, ajudar a melhorar o castelo ou até os dois ficar no mesmo castelo, até mais pessoas ficar no mesmo castelo isso se for aliados na ordem sabe. Bom, agradeço se levarem em consideração minha ideia e obrigado.

  • Christopher

    add the things that are missing to create (steel ingots, torture dungeons, wagon axle, etc ...) not for anything else but people spend money to play and then leave the game in the middle?!?!

  • Sally Thornton

    As an order master I would like to be able to keep track of how active my players are. Could there be some way of seeing how many moonstones, granite etc each individual player has added to the obelisk? I know the obelisk is will not always be part of the gameplay, but this idea I’m sure would transfer over to the multi player aspect in the future.

  • Bienvenu de hozalem

    Personnellement je croyais qu entrer dans une confrérie nous situerais dans un royaume commun plus grand que les forteresses évidemment ( l exilés pourra a tous moments decider de laisser sa forteresse pour le royaume)
    il devrait y avoir une taverne donc capacité a fabriqué les meubles et aussi possibilité de piller un royaume rival .
    Événements zombie multi ou le plus tu tue un nombre élevé tu deviens une légende pour ton royaume ( être titré) hormis le fait qu il y ait des ecuyer et autres .
    Ps: plus d imagination de votre part pour l instant c est assez fade intéressant mais on fini par rentrer dans la routine.
    Je sais que ça ne sera pas facile a réaliser .Bon courage


    Oi, sou apenas mais um jogador é grande fã, seria bom se fizerem outras roupas ou até mesmo skins de armadura por compra é ativação pra certos níveis, em questão das armas não tem o que falar, a variedade é grande sem falar das 6 armas lendárias liberadas até agora é as 11 armas únicas, seria bom melhorar a comunidade PvP principalmente o Clã, se pudesse fazer algo tipo uma masmorra ou castelo é com uma área de craftar do próprio clã, tem muitos espaços vazios no mapa, seria bom colocar algumas cidades pequenas do qual os jogadores possam se enfrentar entre si, fazer apostas é barganharem entre si, as vezes parece que estamos jogando literalmente sozinhos, tirando o chat né, seria bom se pudesse craftar itens de enfeite pra base sem ter que comprar, seria bom o compartilhamento entre membros do clã, e criar uma moeda dentro do próprio jogo, um clã com finanças e bem interessante, as pessoas têm a mania as vezes de se apegar aos números.
    Uma guilda de aventureiros com missões de extermínio é coleta que da pontos ia ser bem da hr, tem jogadores que chegam no nível máximo já completou quase toda história do jogo é tem muitos equipamentos e não sabe aonde colocar, se tivesse essa lógica de guilda com esses tipos de missões não iriam se preocupar com essa dor de cabeça, fora se tivesse uma moeda diferente no jogo, pra comprar coisas como espadas afiadas, armaduras, óleo de afiar, itens raros, ou comprar itens de outros jogadores ou coisas assim, falo de outro JOGADOR que não seja Npcs que vocês colocam que fica estranho.
    O Império caiu mas cadê as outras cidades que resistiram à isso, cadê os outros países, pensem igual o anime: Overlord.

  • Rioter31

    Hi, i know that you will not do what I suggesting however I wanted share with you. If you want your game more player friendly, just create data base (Wikipedia) of all items, quests and etc. in the game. For example imagine you are playing first time this game and you like it, you excited to progress like new location of doungen you go there it says you need key, but you don't know it and game also don't say you nothing about it or you have to craft something but game don't say where you can find scroll and items ( location, mob, chance of drop). So you have to stop playing go to internet spend whole day looking for any information in tons of website where you have to register and you cannot find nothing so you frustrated and angry, you loose your time. You want to play it however you don't know what to do so the logical solution just delete the game and find another game. In ideal, if there will be short video showing pre story and explaining why and what you have to search, where you can find, which mob, chance of drop and etc. In this case player will not stop playing, player will have interest on this game. However it is just my opinion and as I already wrote you will never do it. You asked suggests from players, you want to hear about just some fun events or new items and stop.

  • Максим

    Броня также как и Оружие быстро ломаются (слишком быстро! ) добавьте в игру станок починки, чтобы можно было отремонтировать Кольчугу или меч! И нахватает внутреигровых покупок в виде разной мебели итп.. 

  • Francesco Valsega

    Too difficult and boring (or expensive) to play for a low level.
    I think you should add that you can find your body and the items you had in every place you died, 

  • Sergio Andres Delfino

    Hello i want to comment de that theres a problem when i enter the order territory i have to quit the game and enter again cause it pushes me out also i want to know why i cant buy things with PayPal

  • Sergio Andres Delfino

    I would like a upgrade in the dungeon i opened 3 chests and with luck i got some tin for the smelter maybe some weapons to continue the campaign

  • Amanda Watt

    This game has great potential. But some serious flaws.
    Why are wells unlocked before shovels?
    You need a shovel to craft a well.
    And why are nails unlocked after shovels? You need nails to craft a shovel.
    Why are things unlocked at a point where you can't even use them?
    Water is a very valuable resource and there's very limited ways to get any.
    Some recommendations.
    1. Reorder when things are unlocked so they can be crafted when they're needed.
    2. If you're going to make wells so hard to make, add more ways to get water.
    I would suggest adding dirty water sources and the ability to purify dirty water on a fire.
    3. Add an indicator if your player is at risk of getting sick. Eating too many berries makes you ill, so you vomit up all the water you just had and more. That's counterproductive.
    I'm level 10 with no water and no hope of crafting a well before I die. I need to be level 27 just to unlock nails.
    This is ridiculous.
    If you're determined to make people spend real money for water, at least make water packs. Water only comes in the Direwolf pack, which is very expensive.
    I understand devs getting compensated for their work, but this is highway robbery.
    Please fix the water issues.

  • The Cursed Vampire

    Usuário, internauta e leitor;

    Irei me expressar em relação a minha primeira e grande ou até mesmo, pequena ideia/sugestão para um futuro desenvolvimento e atualização.

    Os inimigos, como Leprosos, poderiam ter... aparências diferentes. Roupas diferentes.
    Um design que poderia ser sugerido por mim, em relação a forma com que se vestem, seria como... uma forma de demonstrar com que... os habitantes das terras que antes, eram (ou poderiam ser consideradas), produtivas e harmónicas, e que agora, se tornaram inóspitas e hostis. 
    Como... Plebeus e habitantes que convivíam em suas antigas casas.
    E "fazendeiros".

    Estes "fazendeiros" poderiam ter armas consigo. Como forcados e outras láminas em suas mãos.
    Guardas com armaduras pesadas (não necessariamente) e com (novas) armas.


    Há diversas formas de desenvolver um cenário em que estes inimigos que se tornaram hostis poderiam estar. 
    Não estive pensando em sugestões para se desenvolver um cenário para diversos locais no Grim Soul.
    Mas, como disse anteriormente, grandes ideias poderão se ter, e novos cenários poderão se desenvolver.

    Nos vemos em breve :)


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