Where can I send my ideas for future updates?




  • ZemyRemix

    Make a new sword or a new bow (only in the dungeon)

  • Bruno Linhares

    can you make the legendary excalibur (kings Arthur sword) as a lengendary wepon


  • ZemyRemix

    Make a Medieval Knight Armour.It suits with kings Arthur sword.

  • eMJayBeast

    Would be able to have more than one tanning rack. It sucks a bit that when you take down a wall or something you can't retrieve any of the resources.

  • eMJayBeast

    Couple other ideas me and my friend have talked about is there anyway we can have it so we can see what time of the day it is on the normal game screen or at least on the inventory screen. Another thing I dislike is how the sneaking works if you have and group of monsters there should be a way we can eliminate all of them without alerting the attention of all of them (if sneaking is done skillfully) also if we could pick up things while in sneak mode without instantly standing up. The smallest of all my ideas is having the other AI exiles also attacked by the monsters.

  • Frejia Gremory

    This is an amazing game but having the rarest item is too much rare it exceeds the expectation to get those like some part of the stable... And my very very veeery suggestion is when entering a place like forest etc. And the events please in the second time we enter the same place don't let the damned, skeletons or wolves attacks ups before we know it everytime I enter the same place I already died without fighting pls fix it make a rule that they won't attack or move until we completely enter that play :) that all more updates when it comes to animals

  • Strange tamer

    Can you make an anvil so we could have a chance to repair items like the grind stone. Also be able to make another wood working table for making planks.

  • Angelo Miccoli

    After several trips into the dungeon, you take a lot of rare items that you don't need anymore.. is that possible to add a sort of bazar, a place where people can excange items? I know that this will make the game as an mmorpg more than a simple rpg, but it will be really cool and useful for the exiles.

  • Kylgar

    Splitting items: should be able to select how large to make new stacks.
    It would be great to be able to name storage chests.


    Add a multiplayer like travel to the same location with a friend, or visit castles

  • Никита

    Добавьте редактор или просто удаление ненужных построек. 

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