Where can I send my ideas for future updates?




  • megatheo

    Any chance we get some mid weapon designs? something stronger than the cart thill and weaker than the one-hand sword, or maybe a basic projectile like a slingshot (use stones as ammo).

  • Carlos Alberto Torres Ospina

    Hola saludos tengo algunas ideas que serían útiles para los jugadores tales como.tener al menos 2curtidores de piel pues cada vez que llegó de farmear zonas traigo mas de 20 de pieles.y se me están amontonando las pieles para procesar.y también para acelerar la producción de cuerda
    .otra cosa que sería genial es la de el poder criar alguna mascota o algunas cómo crías de lobo feroz...
    Si fueran tan amables de tener en cuenta mi sugerencia en su próxima actualización gracias.

  • Joël Schöni

    please comment in english. How are we supposed to vote for something if we can't understand it...? ;)

  • Joël Schöni

    Again: Every suggestion needs a seperate entry. Because if you have multiple ideas then some of them are good and some of them are bad. How would one know which idea one voted for...? o.O

  • Joël Schöni

    Please read all the posts from the past. Else we have double entries... and that's annoying

  • megatheo

    It d be nice if we could get points to increase attributes when we level up (like Western Survival)

  • Joël Schöni

    About the rain: cool idea, but is there a reasonable explanation, why it only slows the player and not the monsters..? The only one who should not be affected is the night guest, because he's hovering, but everyone else should get the debuff depending on the footwear of course.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    Please add in the game new building:
    Firewood Shed, where we could dry Pine / Birch logs to get much more longer burning time.

    In firewood shed you can add a lot of timber and it is getting dried, lets say in 24 or 48 hour all in one batch. Once firewood are dried you could unload from Firewood Shed to the Chests and add new batch of wood to getting dry.
    With new items, like Steel Ingots, what takes a lot of time to smelt, more timber is required and it`s killing the game just to collect millions of stupid pine logs, what`s makes game too boring.😞 Also burning pine / birch planks are a bit silly (who use building material as a firewood)?

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    Upgrading buildings:

    In each update your could add also small but useful feature: upgrade facilities you have in home:

    Chests =>  Starting from basic up to Merchant chests (to upgrade to next level it may take less resources than to build new one)

    Campfire, fire => Could be upgraded to stove where firewood can be used more efficiently, and more capacity to make food. 
    Smelter = > to Big Smelter, where could put more resources to run it
    Grindstone = >  Increased level could provide higher possibility to sharpen the Swords, like level 2 Grindstone could sharpen with 100% possibility to level 2 weapon. 
    Stable = > To multiple horse stable (we could have more than just one horse) as it may be handy later in game when Carriage will become available. 
    Anvil - many are suggestion the possibility to repair unbroken weapons (could be repaired only unbroken weapons, no not used till it disappears, so you would need to bring it back) and higher LVL of anvil the more advance weapon it could repair. 
    I could count many items what could be up-gradable, but my idea is that more advanced castle, the less you can spend on simple tasks and more enjoy the fighting in the North/ Dungeons and so on. 
    Please vote to implement this idea.  
  • William Taylor

    😂😂😂 love it.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    Disabling traps in dungeon:

    Please make possibility to disable the traps in Dungeon. 

    When disabling traps we could get some of the materials to be used to create the traps or the traps them selves.

    If the disabling are unsuccessful then the damage received from trap can be 2x higher than usually. In this way players could decide what to do, do they want to avoid traps or disable.

    From poisonous traps we could get: poisoned daggers / or Poisoned Bow

    From slow down traps: gears and some new stuff (in future) 


  • megatheo

    Congrats to Edmunds Kurzemnieks!!!!! your recommendation for upgradable smelter to Big Smelter and the campfire to Stove is SOOOOO COOL.

    Similarly, I d like to see upgradable Sewing Table and Carpenter's Bench.

    Making plank, cloth, food and ingot production more effective will reduce farming time and make the game FAR more fun.


  • megatheo

    Turning copper to bronze to access more designs REALLY slows down game. Finding tin and waiting for it to turn copper to bronze takes ages. Can we do something about it????

  • megatheo

    I  think the exile 's fighting ability needs a lot of improvement. He survives in the plaguelands therefore he should be a tough guy. 

    He should get awesome moves like the barbarian in diablo, which will have different effects to different enemies or will require a combo of moves to have the desired effect on a tough enemy.

    Ex. with a front kick u can easily knockdown a lepper or a damned and score a few free hits while theirs down, but a mere front kick won t do anything to a knight or a templar, u ll only waste your turn to strike. However, if u do a strong strike and then a front kick then it ll not only knock them down but because they wear heavy armor they ll take longer to get up giving u more time to score more free hits.

  • Kyle A Anderson

    I’m really enjoying your game. -Thank you!

    Random idea, but I think it would enhance the danger element if those sticks you have laying around the map would “crack” if you walk over one while sneaking. It could aleart the nearby enemies just the same as if you stood to pick it up.

    Thanks again!

  • luca taddeo

    CHANGE AUTOMATIC BUTTON PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesusph35

    I want to give a suggestion: because they do not add achievements to the game, when the achievements are made that reward you with food, pieces of armor or something else. It would be good if the achievements were of difficulty.
    It's just a suggestion. See you later!

  • luca taddeo

    crescita lino e alberi al castello base

  • Arilene Rodrigues Loyola

    •Me gustarían más preguntas, tipo:

    "Que hacer si pagas en el juego y reinicias el juego" pierdes todo el dinero en eso o lo recuperas creando una nueva partida?

    •Estária también tener una mascota que te ayude a matar, un lobo doméstico. Donde le pones ropa para más defensa, alimentas, y te recoja los ítems.

    •Más posibilidad de tener comidas, que se regenere los árboles, frutas, animales en tu Fortaleza, o por lo menos, tu lo haces!!! Ayudas en la producción.

    •Equilibrando la naturaleza - animal de tu fortaleza, para no ser un cuadrado vacio, sin vida, para que tengas el deseo de dar más valor al juego y No de se arrepentirse.

  • reginaldo marques da silva

    Poderia ter mais energia para as viagens e também mas espaço de armazenamento para os itens

  • megatheo

    Any chance we get some GORE in the game????? I slash em, I stab em, I smash em and all they do is fall down like they fainted ...not cool

  • Peter Sanchez

    Okay so I'd like to make some suggestions for minor changes to crafting items, a few changes to gameplay, as well as a few quality of life changes.

    Suggested Changes to Current Crafting Items

    1. Bandage: (Currently) 3 Flax Fiber and 5 Cloth. (Change to) 3 Flax Fiber 3 Cloth.
    2. Spade:(Currently) 5 Pine Plank, 3 Copper Ingot, and 2 Bronze Nail. (Change to) 5 Pine Planks and 5 Copper Ingot.
    3. Gambeson: 4 Thick Cloth, 6 Rope and 8 Leather. (Change to) 4 Thick Cloth, 5 Rope, and 6 Leather.
    4. Quilted Trousers: 4 Thick Cloth, 6 Rope and 8 Leather. (Change to) 4 Thick Cloth, 5 Rope, and 6 Leather.
    5. Leather Pack: Make this available sooner. Perhaps 10-15 lvls sooner.

    I believe these minor changes will help newcomers survive better early on, until they gain the experience to both learn how to farm more efficiently for stronger gear, and gain the lvls to unlock stronger gear.

    Suggestions For Additional Craftable Items

    1. Spear: 10 Pine Planks, 8 Bronze Ingot, and 2 Cords. Damage - 35 Attack Speed - 0.9, and Range - 2.3. Make available to craft at lvl 35. This should help provide an option for people to deal with monsters such as Damned Templars and Damned Knights a bit easier.
    2. Smithing Station: Used for repairing armor up to 3 times. Repairs up to 50% durability the first time then 40% durability, followed by 30% of the armors durability. Functions with a time mechanic. E.g. You place a 5% durability Bonnet Cap into the Smithing Station it repairs to 50% in 1 hour. Have this be limited, so an armor can only be repaired 3 times. Each subsequent repair takes more time.

    Suggested Changes to Current Gameplay

    1. Take out the Damned Knight as one of the units in 2 Skull Zone that endlessly chases you until dead.
    2. Reduce Damned Knight movement speed to same or close to Damned Templar movement speed.
    3. Make Bowstring more common to find in 2 Skull Zone chests, and even more so in 3 Skull Zone chests. As it stands I've found only 1 Bowstring after opening 70 chests in the 2 Skull Zone chests. Would be nice if that was more like 1 every 20 chests for 2 Skull Zone, and 1 every 7-10 chests in the 3 Skull Zone, with a 50% chance 1 Bowstring from Night Caches.
    4. Allow Multiple Stacks of Wood in Smelters to help make certain Ingots more efficiently while offline. or while away on an adventure.

    Suggested Changes for Quality of Life

    1. Make the mini map available to see while the crafting menu is up. This can be achieved by making the image slightly smaller, shifting the two "items needed' lines more towards the bottom, and putting the mini map in the top right. This will help people realize enemies are incoming (especially useful for deaf people) without having to rely on sound to know enemies are coming or already attacking you.
    2. Allow us to have a quick switch slot available from the start only for the Torch separate from the current quick item slots that can be used for food, weapons etc.
    3. Make 1 or 2 "Quick Craft" slots. Quick Craft slots can be used to do things like - Make a new Stone Axe without having to open the crafting menu.
  • Александр

    Хотелось бы увидеть рынок, где можно проводить равноценный обмен ресурсов, дабы иметь возможность поменять ненужный ресурс которого много, на более приоритетный игроку.

  • Francesco minichetti

    Secondo me bisogna ingrandire la mappa della fortezza di qualche quadrato, aumentare la resa di chiodi dal lingotto di bronzo, uno è poco per un lingotto dato che ci vuole tempo per crearlo.

  • Francesco minichetti

    Secondo me bisogna ingrandire la mappa di casa.

    Aumentare la resa di chiodi per ogni lingotto di bronzo, per esempio 1 lingotto = 2 chiodi, uno è poco per un lingotto dato che ci vuole tempo per crearlo.

  • Максим

    Игра великолепна,, но нужно немного увеличить прочность и износ снаряжения,,  grim soul оставляет приятное послевкусие и тёплые впечатления,, из нововведений добавьте домашнее животное, волка или Ворона,, или сову,, они подчеркнут мрачную атмосферу игры,  также было бы не плохо добавить факелы которые можно втыкать в землю на домашней локацый вокруг дома, и яму с кольями, не хватает красивых ворот на стену. 

  • Joelis Velazquez

    In my opinion i believe that a Pc version should be added they game is really good and exciting to play i would like to have it as a challenge to have a pc version.I like to play most of my games in Pc so thats one of the reason im suggesting to have a Pc version I know it may be hard but at least you might get more people to download the game and purchase stuff to develop more things to add to the game.


  • Rohantyagi

    Can you make levelling up easier cuz high tier armour are the only way to survive in 3rd zone at night when farming for night cache and the leather drop from animals is also low can you make it a bit more easy

  • Alton Wizard9er

    How about fishing? We already harvest logs, rope, and little bits of metal = fishing pole.

    Gives food and maybe a small chance for an odd item or a monster comes out of the water

  • Alton Wizard9er

    (.1.)perhaps a way to repair items maybe? even if there is a chance the repair could break the item.

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