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Where can I send my ideas for future updates?



  • Andru

    will there be wyverns or dragons in the game

  • Bryan segovia

    Ahora q en la próxima actualización del juego se podrá jugar con multiplayer, se podría agregar un evento u mapa nuevo donde un exiliado tenga la posibilidad de hacer un trueque con otro exiliado. Seria algo como el evento del comerciante, q cuando entramos al evento veremos varias ventan disponibles en el q habrá dentro los artículos q otros exiliados quieran cambiar x otro articulo especifico x lo q este quiera

  • yohanes bahar wijaya

    dude can u update for repair equipment and more permanent bag slot ?

  • Paul Gravalis

    It would be nice to actually see your stronghold look like a castle, rather than one massive barbarian hut.

    Add staircase build option to construction menu for increased floor space. Increase in materials required for placement.

  • Tiago Mateus

    Eu também acho que desvia-mos poder replantar as árvores.
    -o que tornaria o jogo mais interesante, como por exemplo uma criação de jardins ...

  • Andru

    I've been thinking of a few ideas.

    1. Create a new event called 'courier'

    where you have 7 minutes to hunt down a courier carrying supplies... the courier that you will fight should be like a boss battle where the courier has 2 direwolves ( level 4)

    the courier how evershould not be to difficul ... or should not too much attack damage... but rather be agile with movement speed and attack speed and an abbility to heal him or herself.

    when the courier is at half health he should have a bribe option where he allows you to tale one item and spare him or her.

    2. Summoning spells ... you should be able to summon angels that gives you alternative skill sets for 2 minutes ... to activate them you should read a scroll or ancient tablet.

    one angel wil grant healing and ressurection
    one wil fill all your energy and give a 20%speed boost
    and the last angel should give you a 5 instakill hits where you instantly kill 5 enimies ( does not work on people or bosses)
    these tablets will obviously be legendary tier items.

    3. petrify. make a weapon that turns enemies into stone when they are below 20% of their health.

    4. statues... be able to craft statues in the game. If you make a sacrifice at the satue you will get abilities that will help you.

    statues should be powered by sacrificing items or one of your direwolves. the powerup wil be based on the rarity of the sacrifice.

    5. Hunting and fishing
    maybe this can be an event
    or maybe this could be the lands of milk and honey. A location where you can go thats completely secluded from the plague. where you can hunt animals and go fishing ...
    if its a location you could use the same principle as the dungeon. Finding the location, killing Another gatekeeper... one that guards the gates to the location ( give im a flaming sword ) ...kill all of the enemies surrounding the location , open the gate ... but once it is opened it wil always stay open. and you can go to that location to stock up food and water.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    By reading the comments on Facebook posts, what are posted by many users it seems that many many players are upset about difficulty to find some particular items. For example - bridle for horses. 

    I think it would not be very difficult to make an option to click on item you need to find and there will be a guideline where to find it.

    For example:

    horse bridle can be found:

    Forsaken dungeon LVL1 final chest: possibility to find rare

    Forsaken dungeon LVL2 final chest: possibility to find below average

    Forsaken dungeon LVL3 final chest: possibility to find average

    North lands: very rare

    Other places: not possible

    At least then players will know where to go and how often do they need to go to particular place to find a particular item. Also it would be nice to know the possibility to find it.

    Most of the negativity are especially because people do not have tips in the games (and scrolls nobody are reading) - sorry. 

  • Mateus Henrique S. O.

    Please regulate the game to run more lightly, because every time that comes 2 or + enemies attack me, it locks the controls and I die

  • Wim Schelfhout

    When being attacked by multiple enemies, I want to keep attacking the enemy I was attacking first and not the one that steps in during the battle. It always switches automaticly which is quite annoying because I take more damage...

  • Technical Studios

    I have few ideas .
    It might help:
    1- There should be some defender event in which we have to defend the things from enemies to get rewarded.
    2- There should be a quest system in which we have to complete some quest for obtaining random special rewards.
    3- There should be bounty Hunter event in which we have to find a guy who can be found on one of the locations on the main map(not Northland)
    4- There should be some armors which can't be crafted but only get through chests, trades etc like scimitar.
    5- Our Direwolf should have a pocket so that taking them to loaction for hunting can help us. I mean that if they are exhausted in location they become of no use.
    6- With every level up there should be a special reward for players that should make them exited to get.(crafting point is always needed)
    7- There should be table for making durable weapons with levels just like sharpening system
    8- I like scrolls and love to read them. They are legendary. However i found it difficult to read as letters are small.
    9- There should be a recycling bench like ldoe which can give us some amount of random resources .
    10- There should be weapon enchantment system like shadow fight which can give our weapons a special ability(may be difficult to obtain enchantment books or tools).
    11- Upgrade system for working benchs for reffining of newly added resources and for speeding up resource refining.
    12- New resources should be added.
    13- The land graphics of different skull zones should be different. It provides us difficulty level of that zone . Then we love to kill those enemies.
    14- When we enter dungeons there should be a room where only our direwolf can enter and bring us item present in that room.(Seen in ldoe)
    15- There should be some villages in the game whose inhabitants have found a way to survive the plague in plague land.
    i-> In that village we should have to complete some tasks given by the villagers.
    ii->. Rasque some inhabitant captured by the damned.
    iii->. Fight some bandits which are harassing the inhabitants of village.
    iv->. There should be mans like trader which can trade item and refresh trading item in 4 hours.(As exiles have a lote of items that are for the purpose of trade only)
    16- The amount of nails should be increased obtained from 1 bronze.

  • William Havrish

    I would like to see a way to earn thalers by installing various apps please

  • Oscar Leon Guido

    ********Sistema de registro de muertes*****
    1-Que existiera un sistemas de registro de muertes, donde se quede registrado cuantos enemigos has matado (leprosos, malditos, caballeros maldito etc.) , y en base a este sistema existan rangos (rangos por regiones) semanales con el número de enemigo muertos totales y se otorguen premios a los primeros lugares , los premios podrían ser la obtención de libros especiales o talentos. Dichos rangos también estarían clasificados en función del nivel de jugador, para que la competencia sea más justa.
    ********Cultivo de bayas y arboles*********
    2.-Que se implemente la posibilidad de cultivar bayas o árboles en nuestra fortaleza, de manera similar a como cultivamos la avena, después de alimentarse con las bayas estas tendrían la posibilidad del 50% de dejar semillas y para cultivarlas necesitaríamos agua, las cual la obtendríamos del pozo o de podría recolectar agua de lluvia en barriles especiales que nosotros tendríamos que construir.
    *******Arreglar armas********
    3.- Implementar la opción de arreglar las armas desgastadas en un banco o mesa de trabajo. Para la creación de dicho banco de trabajo, la piezas especiales para su construcción se encontrarían en la mazmorra y para reparar las armas, se utilizarían la mitad de los materiales utilizados para la fabricación de la arma, entre más veces sea reparada un arma aumentara la posibilidad de que el arma se rompa que el número de veces para reparar el arma sea limitado a 3 veces.
    4.- Implementar la posibilidad de hacer negocios con otros jugadores, para intercambiar recursos básicos, madera, piedra y cobre. Para dicho sistema de intercambio también se requería la construcción de una estructura, en este caso la construcción deberá ser accesible para todos los jugadores como lo fue la casa para los lobos.
    **************Objetos especiales******
    5.-implententar la opción para poder intercambiar con los comerciantes vagabundos las piezas especiales que tengamos repetidas para creación de planos , que las podamos cambiar por piezas que nos faltan o por otra especie de recursos con igual rareza como lobos o libros etc.
    **********Emboscada (Evento)******
    6.-Este evento seguiría la siguiente mecánica , al igual que otros eventos aparecería una leyenda para avisarnos del evento ,en este caso la leyenda seria ¨caravana de la plaga¨ , al llegar al lugar de este evento nos encontraríamos un carrosa con 2 caballos y custodiada por los enemigo más peligroso del juegos , en este evento tendríamos que matarlos rápidamente a todos (máximo 10 minutos) para llegar a la carrosa o si no está partiría , la recompensa por completar este eventos seria únicamente la obtención de armas en el cofre de la carrosa.
    *******Death registration system*****
    1-That there was a system of registration of deaths, where it remains recorded how many enemies have killed (lepers, damn, cursed knights etc.), and based on this system there are ranks (ranges by region) weekly with the number of enemy killed total and prizes are awarded to the first places, the prizes could be the obtaining of special books or talents. These ranges would also be classified according to the level of the player, so that the competition is fairer.
    *******Cultivation of berries and trees*****
    2.-That the possibility of cultivating berries or trees in our fortress is implemented, similar to how we grow oats, after feeding with the berries they would have the possibility of 50% of leaving seeds and to grow them we would need water, which We would get it from the well or from it could collect rainwater in special barrels that we would have to build.
    *********Arrange weapons******
    3.- Implement the option to fix the worn weapons in a bench or work table. For the creation of such a workbench, the special pieces for its construction would be in the dungeon and to repair the weapons, half of the materials used to manufacture the weapon would be used. The more times a weapon is repaired, the more the possibility of the weapon being broken that the number of times to repair the weapon is limited to 3 times.
    4.- Implement the possibility of doing business with other players, to exchange basic resources, wood, stone and copper. For this exchange system the construction of a structure was also required, in this case the construction must be accessible to all players as was the house for the wolves.
    ***********Special objects********
    5.-Implement the option to exchange with traders traders the special pieces that we have repeated for the creation of plans, that we can change them for missing pieces or for another kind of resources with the same rarity as wolves or books etc.
    ***********Ambush (Event)********
    6.-This event would follow the following mechanics, like other events would appear a legend to warn us of the event, in this case the legend would be "caravan of the plague", when arriving at the place of this event we would find a carrosa with 2 horses and guarded by the most dangerous enemy of the games, in this event we would have to quickly kill them all (maximum 10 minutes) to get to the carrosa or if it is not going, the reward for completing this event would be only obtaining weapons in the chest of the car

  • Joël Schöni

    I love the new questline. Well done.

  • Martin Dutra

    Why not making leather straps craftable?

  • احمد الشمري

    Can you please make it possible for us to link our accounts to twitter.
    It would be nice and probably share the game there.

  • David Valentin

    To make game more awesome please
    Add a Multiplayer like travel to the same location with a friend, or visit castles.That.s will make game more intersting to do something with ur friends.

  • Leif Richter

    This game is nice!
    Here's a few ideas from me to improve the game.
    1. Make some maps which, as soon the player uses them, spawn a burrowed treasure somewhere in the next zone the player visits. The marks on the ground we find already in game could give hints where this treasure is hidden.
    2. Repair weapons by combining 2 of a kind with each other. Most likely with no penalties or a small loss of durability.

  • Lucas Esteban Sarli

    Como sugerencia me pareceria muy bueno que ae pueda chatear con otros jugadores

  • Patricio Montero

    Buenas, creo que en la traducción al español del juego, en la silla del torturador la palabra laberinto esta mal escrita, en su lugar dice
    : "Labirinto".

    por lo demás como sugerencia en las demás actualizaciones, que siga aun mas difícil, es la razón por la que el juego es tan bueno, si los calabozos dieran mas premios o fueran mas fácil, en poco tiempo ya no serian desafíos, el juego es perfecto, que siga así!!!

  • Joël Schöni

    I have a lot of useless stuff piling up. I have a lot of rare parts of the altar for example or saddles and feeding troughs for the stable. Also the chalices and the incenses... We really need something like a market. Or how about we could trade that stuff at the wandering merchants? Preferably for oats/oatseeds?

  • Scenic A. Route

    If the time to replenish energy were shorter by even a minute or a sleep/rest function of any kind... That would make some of us less frugal. I should think. More skills or a skill tree. Intuitiveness.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    I think we would need some skills to be learned by doing + books. The books would be not so rare for those skills but player must get LVL 1 skill  by reading skill book (no level skill book). To get LVL 2, character needs to practice, increase experience and once he done enough damage or hit or whatever, then could read skill book to gain next level. In those skills experience bar would appear.  If character wants to learn next skill but skill bar not reached 100% then we would get a message, that " I need to practice more before reading this".

    Also such principle could be done on skills what increase hitting speed (reduce recovery rate from hits to hits).  

    For example:

    2 sword skill - possible to handle 2 x one handed weapons. 

    LVL 1 - 2 clubs (or LVL 1 weapon)

    LVL 2 - 2 times Tier 2 weapons

    LVL 3 - 2 time Tier 3 weapons


    LVL 6 - 2 legendary weapons and so on.


  • sam sharp

    --Could you make a "Friend" system that you can meet up and play with your RL friends please?

    --Please create an "Achievement System" through Google Play, so that we can earn achievments on our Play accounts? Thats a big thing for me..

    --A "chat" or communication system of some sort.

    -- Could you please either lower the energy recovery time for
    Pets? way too long per point.
    make "Treats" a manufacturable item. <3

  • Luca Campos

    Cosas gratis.

  • Slavoljub

    For the next update it would be fine if we could craft things like cords(etc. riping leather on taning rack or something like that)and copper scrap(somehow to craft it from copper bars).Thanks in advance for taking consider about our suggestions.
    Best regards,

  • Omar

    Can you please add Arabic language setting to the game it would be very lovely for Egyptian beginner player like me

  • Barbados

    It would be beter that weapons, tools and armor do not brake apart, but to be repared (at repair banch).

  • Ksev

    1. add convenient placement of hero control icons for ipad at the top left and right, and a map below 2. add the ability to plant trees near house 3. add fishing to the game so we can just relax and there's no endless running around for deer 4. make the faces of the heroes of the girls more beautiful

  • Sean Breeden

    Yall gotta stop spawning bots that are to masquerade real people to zoom in and attack every time you open the menus. Even the bear and other random spawns are kind of annoying for them to come flying out of left field. But those fake player bots just look like money grab tactics.

  • Willow

    It would be great if I could repair my equipment, especially since they get damaged and break so fast


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