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Where can I send my ideas for future updates?



  • Amanda Gibbs

    So I was really excited to play, in the play store it said that this game was compatible with my chromebook. It is unplayable on a laptop with no keyboard support... Can we PLEASE get keyboard support!?


    Уважаемые разработчики, предлагаю вам добавить станки для изготовления верёвки и тетевы, ну и ещё чтоб изготавливать другой хил, немного упрастить задачу в сборе алтаря и изготовлении оружия, уж все очень сильно усложнено, вот пример лук могу изучить а создать нет потому чтт титиву надо в подземке искать,!! Полумайти

  • Yandani Mbanjwa

    I have a suggestion , can you guys make the joystick to be in a fixed position and the center part if it should be moveable . That way we won't die because of our characters walking slowing instead of running as intended by players ,while enemie(s) are chasing me

    *Currently they joystick's ability to move around the screen is what gets me killled most the time and it makes it hang

  • ssferret

    Could you increase the number of characters included for individuals in chat? As the master of my order, I may need to convey or answer someone's questions and don't have much room to do so. I need to keep posting separate lines which can become quite a few since only a few number of characters are aloud. Also, some people do just want to chat. 

  • Mohamad

    It will be a cool thing if you can plant berries and trees and have honey bees and please add a single player mode of this game








  • Максим

    Добавьте возможность ремонта снаряжения,, так как слишком быстро ломается,, а все время крафтить новое не удобно. 

  • Drax Hunter

    Hello there This time I am making another column based on some imbalance and resource related feature that need adjustment :

    1.Tin has become an issue in the game for many player even though this might not be that much of concern but if you look into this issue rather see from a player point of view who grinds runs bascially a free to play I guess you will understand that resource such as tin is difficult to obtain.

    Why you wonder ?
    becz let me deconstruct it into larger scenario
    So when u get tin basically the only purpose is to make it into bronze ingots
    Then those igonts basically becomes nails or used for crafting.

    Now the question where is the problem?

    See when u have bronze ingot and you make nails the equation of becomes so unfair to the player

    1 tin found -> tin+copper = 1 Bronze ingot -> 1 nail?

    really 1 nail from this long process becz u know tin can't be found in lvl 1 skull zone right?

    And now your gonna say "Why you have to make issue over this ? It's just basic math of 1 equals 1 right? ".This what most gonna say but if u look into crafting recipe of many item u gonna need more than 5 nails to make something like "Morning Star" or other weapons which definitely worse the process of grinding even though we can find this nail in chest at higher skull zone it's super stress full when you have durability into the equation becz after u create the weapon now u need it for ur runs again......

        But sadly it would last for 1 and half if ur in lvl 2 skull zone or only for just one grind it would be usefull.

       Is this fair or should be there like more nails when you process the ingot? 

    Becz the problem would be easly solve of getting weapons on the go if the nails would be fixed.


    So for this topic "Tin" is basically 

     ▪Ingots when processed into nail should be around 3 nails or 2 atleast


      ▪Solve the issue with tin as a item which can't be gather but found in chest?

    This all for now I will again update this section if any problem arise in resource related topics.

    I hope the dev see this post.And really hope the game would improve soon as the fun with swords and bows can't be campair to anything else.

  • Joël Schöni

    Why should it be like all the other (MMO)RPGs? And why should it be easier? I think it's not called grim soul for no reason. I guess it's called grim soul to resemble dark souls and demon souls, which are the hardest games there are.

  • Joël Schöni

    In fact it's just a matter of skills and understanding the game's mechanics to survive and farm more successfully.

  • Lilaneous

    why am I having 281min of cool down for next energy, it isnt fair!

  • blueafmonkey


    I think a good feature to add is mastering crafting. Perhaps after making so many decrease required resources or increasing weapon durability. Or adding it as a special under skills that can be obtained.

  • Bienvenu de hozalem

    Personnellement je croyais qu entrer dans une confrérie nous situerais dans un royaume commun plus grand que les forteresses évidemment ( l exilés pourra a tous moments decider de laisser sa forteresse pour le royaume)
    il devrait y avoir une taverne donc capacité a fabriqué les meubles et aussi possibilité de piller un royaume rival .
    Événements zombie multi ou le plus tu tue un nombre élevé tu deviens une légende pour ton royaume ( être titré) hormis le fait qu il y ait des ecuyer et autres .
    Ps: plus d imagination de votre part pour l instant c est assez fade intéressant mais on fini par rentrer dans la routine.
    Je sais que ça ne sera pas facile a réaliser .Bon courage

  • William Taylor

    😂😂😂 love it.


    I think that you should review the quantities of a few workbenches. For example, there are 3 allowed herborist table, and just one fire, bonfire or meat dryer. I think that it's more convenient to have at least to bonfire.
    I think that i already said this, but you should do something about the stats. I mean, if we ever have a pvp arena or something, there should be a way to difference each other, someome might choose to have a lot of health, someone choose to dodge attacks, and so on.


    Don't get too carried by it dude. It's just a point of view, and it's not like it have to be easier. This could also give the chance to put some more hard enemies.n

  • John O'Hagan

    What if, it would be possible to make back stories for our new characters, h however make it random very random so in fact that it makes it damn near impossible to be replicated and put it at two maybe the roll of the dice when someone first starts the game so they have a direct link with their character instead of just thinking it's just some stupid game. the back stories to your character be intricate were they married they have kids what was their job hobbies abilitiesthe bac I don't know I'm still pretty new at this game but that's just my two cents I think would be pretty cool

  • Vinicios da Conceição Pereira

    Oi, minhas ideias são as seguintes: vocês criarem as 6 coisas a seguir- uma mesa para consertar equipamentos que teria seu projeto encontrado na masmorra do renegados, um arco e flecha único que aplica veneno no inimigo, uma balestra automática única com 2.0 de velocidade de ataque, um escudo único que reflete todo o dano recebido ao atacante (incluindo os efeitos do ataque), uma lança única que rouba vida (recuperando metade do dano causado como vida) 2.5 de raio de ataque e 50 a 70 de dano e criar a lendária excalibur que seria produzida com ouro alquímico, prancha de bétula, pedra da alma e o item único- a pedra da alma do Rei Arthur, o escolhido (que vocês criariam), essa espada precisaria de ter seu projeto encontrado na masmorra dos renegados e seria produzida na pedra do escolhido que seria feita usando de 50 -100 pedras e lá se produziria a espada onde também poderia guarda-la (onde somente o jogador que produziu pudesse retirar e usar) e ela teria 150-200 de ataque (vocês escolheriam o quanto) e o efeito dela seria de o portador receber apenas metade do dano que lhe fosse causado e refletir metade da metade desse dano. E seria legal vocês disponibilizarem a torre de vigia que desbloquearia uma região nevada (com outra torre mas indisponível ainda) que teria uma nova masmorra, casas, inimigos, recursos e áreas de farm que só poderia ser explorada com a a carroça (que vocês desponibilizariam). Obrigado espero que eu tenha ajudado e espero que isso seja implementado no jogo 😊.

  • Edmunds Kurzemnieks

    It would be very nice to have possibility for 99 level players to build second Torturer chair, so it would be possible to have 2 Hermits to get information. 

    Sometimes one is gone or left few hours till it will be gone and it is not possible to release him or change so I could go to dungeon with no worries that hints will be gone.

    It will not ruin the mechanism of the game but improve the game play (only it will increase castle points) what is not bad I think.  



    You should put an special place to forge some weapons. Like a forge where you can well.. forge unique weapons. Of course, with unique materials or something. I don't know, we could use there the excedent unique or rare material or something like that.

  • Alexandr

    Здравствуйте, уважаемая кампания Kefir Games. Есть идея для босса. Который может быть в темнице отреченных.

    Имя: Автор отказавшегося
    здоровья: 2500
    Урон: 25-60

    Говорят, что один писатель был заключен в темницу отреченного и приговорен к смертной казни. Его голова была отрублена, но он отомстил. Год спустя его могила была найдена раскопанной, и охранники начали исчезать в темнице. Они были найдены с чернильными пятнами на груди. Но была связь, были и те, кто присутствовал при казни писателя поруганного.

    - писатель плюет чернилами на врага. И это наносит 30 урона. Затем в течение 3 секунд стреляет 5 XP -
    писатель бьет противника рукой, нанося 10 урона
    - чернила, как и в жизни, не бесконечны. Когда чернила заканчиваются, чума бежит в зал. Писатель пронзает ее грудь, убивая одним ударом. И у
    творца-писателя иногда наступает творческий кризис. Это состояние длится 10 секунд. Он не бьет в это время, но игрок может ударить его. В конце этого состояния писатель восстанавливает 500 XP.

    In this commentary, errors can be made the way I used the translator when I wrote it. 


  • Joël Schöni

    The jump in damage from the falchion to the bastard sword is too big in my opinion. Did You forget to put in another sword or weapon plan? or is the damage wrong of the falchion?

  • Luca Campos

    Cosas gratis.

  • Bryan segovia

    Es juego es bueno y entretenido. Se me ocurren muchas ideas para el juego. Y hay q quisas le de algo mas interesante a los gamer.
    Si el juego requiere internet para acceder al servidor para guardar nuestros datos y partida del juego, por que no poder agregar un modo multijugador y otro para hacer trueque con algún otro jugador. Eso seria bueno el poder intercambiar algunos objetos de mi inventario con algún otro objeto del inventario de otro jugador

  • Andru

    will there be wyverns or dragons in the game

  • Jan maymard nacion

    I think it would look more cool and
    Awesome if there's a role to play in this game like what kind of people we were before we got exiled or maybe earning a npc partner or hire one
    Or saving village or destroy it, attack raiders or helping them.

  • Sky258961

    Can you tell me when this Halloween event is over? I want to make the most of time and opportunity to exchange all the rewards! I am an android system

  • megatheo

    Turning copper to bronze to access more designs REALLY slows down game. Finding tin and waiting for it to turn copper to bronze takes ages. Can we do something about it????

  • Rhodrymaelwaedd Rm

    A few suggestions:

    Actually listen and implement the suggestions that have been repeated by players.

    -Some kind of repair function for armor and weapons, they break too easily for the time spent farming the very crafting materials required to make said gear.

    -Make some sort of gear retention when you die, maybe be able to keep your sack, or spend a soul stone for a chance to retrieve your items. This could even be achieved with a manual farming map reset, like when you leave the map you have to agree to reset the instance or create like a 10 minute reset window before the map resets and gets rid of your death, would give a 10 minute opportunity to get back and retrieve your gear(would require running and using energy)

    -Bees and Beehives for refilling honey barrels, at the moment they become a waste of space once you've eaten the honey. There is 0 reason to keep the barrels since there is no reason to create powder kegs.

    -Reduction of food and water usage in your own castle, I have died a few times while running around my castle at low health rearranging chests, or even when I was building my castle. Spent long enough in the castle view that i died of thirst/hunger.

    -Resource reclaim when you break a part of your castle in development view. When you build them it costs resources, if you accidentally place anything somewhere you dont want it or feel like rearranging as your castle needs increase, you lost those building materials.

    -The ability to move castle parts the way you can devices and decorations, being able to pick a wall back up and it go under the devices tab and be able to move and rearrange your floor plan would be a monumental update.

    -Being able to place the outside spike barricades diagonally like advertised in photos and videos posted on the Grim Soul facebook.

    -Realistic splash damage, when you are surrounded by a few enemies you are still forced to attack one enemy at a time even though any number of enemies can damage you at once. It would be incredible to be able to swing at one enemy and hit the enemies crowding around them even at a slightly reduced damage without degrading weapon durability any additional amount, they already degrade fast enough.

    -The ability to SLEEP IN/ON THE BED/MAT to switch the current phase of day/night to the next chronological phase. I.e. Night>Dawn>Day>Dusk without lowering thirst and hunger and healing the user while sleeping.

    Judging off of the comments that have been ignored for over a year I doubt any of this will even be considered but it was worth the shot. :(

  • Дмитрий

    Сделайте что можно ходить в гости к друзьям или кто в клане.

  • Andre haek

    هل يمكن إضافة الغة العربية


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